ComputerChipThese are six short, screen-capture tutorials that explain the navigation and specific functions of several different websites. The first two offer instructions for a mock, music website that I designed from the ground up. The Tunes website contains many sound samples and has a shopping cart with download capabilities. There is an exciting blend of visual instruction with musical elements in these tutorials. The remaining four tutorials all begin with a logo-intro, designed specifically for each company. They are videos that explain specific features of several Workmens’ Comp Sites. I wrote the scripts, determined the flow, created the visual elements, edited the videos, and recorded and mixed the voice overs and music.

1. Tunes website navigation and song samples.
2. Tunes website checkout and download.
3. TailisPoint’s new map-listing feature.
4. Coventry Workers’ Comp Services: Part I
5. Coventry Workers’ Comp Services: Part II
6. Zenith Batch Processing.